About us

Udder : A bag-shaped part of a cow or goat in which milk is formed
and stored and from which it is taken in suckling or milking.

In other words, the udder is a productive and important gland,
an integral component in the development of a team. We the
warped, twisted ones (in a good way, of course) believe in
churning those creative juices into produce or content you'll
never regret signing that cheque for.

"Any successful brand needs to part of a clearly defined set of objectives".

Our credential

  • 1st Place Britain in Singapore Wired Island Logo (Awarded Duke of York)
  • 1st Place Minister for Defence Award Leagues (MIDAs) Logo Design
  • 1st Place Human Resources Management Congress Logo Design
  • 1st Place 4SIR 10th Mono Intake Logo Design
  • 1st Place NTU 20th Anniversary Logo Design
  • 1st Place Paym Bay Watch Logo Design
  • 1st Place NDP 2004 Branding Design
  • 1st Place NDP 2007 Logo Design
  • 1st Place 732SIR Logo Design
  • Merit NDP 2001 Logo Design
  • Runner Up NDP 2004 Logo Design
  • Merit Paym 30th Anniversary Logo Design
  • Top 10 Singapore Petroleum Company Limited Logo Design


Twisted Udder is an award winning company which specializes in
Branding Animation VFX / GFX for Film and TV productions.